* There is a strong link between allergy and toxicity and both affect our immune system in a negative way.  - NOTE:  SEE this Article on the importance of keeping track of the different types of dental materials that are allergens and are being placed in your mouth!    As a result, one might find an answer to their food allergy and food intolerances.  eg.  What chemical properties of the food is causing the problem?  Could it be that the dental materials in the mouth have those same chemical properties and may be a major cause of the problem?

LIST OF ALLERGENS USED IN DENTISTRY (It's not just the metals) - Most are in the  Top 10 list from Mayo Clinic

Sulfa Allergy -  See sulfonamides (also spelled as solfanamide) used in dental materials  (Root Canals, Sealants (See note)) - egg allergy cross-reactivity?

Sulfites - See sulfites used in Dentistry Materials. eg See this link.

Milk - See this article

Latex - See this Latex Allergy Site - Also article - May be a main cause of food allergies to bananas, avocados, kiwis, tomatoes, or chestnuts 

Rubber - Gutta-percha - Root Canals - See gutta percha has a potential for cross-allergencity

Nickel sulfate 5% pet  *Used in Metallic dental restorations (Crowns etc) etc.  #1 Allergen - See Article - May be main cause of Peanut allergy and some other food allergys.  

Gold sodium thiosulfate 2% pet  *Used in metallic restorations, Bridges, Crowns etc.  #2  Allergen  - See Story - See Article

Balsam of Peru 25% pet   *(Used in DENTAL CEMENTS/Root Canals).  ; #3 Allergen - See this Article - May be main cause of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Allergy/intolerance to many things including foods and flavorings) -.  Also see: Cloves Side Effects and Warnings  - See Article2 - See Skin Prick Test problems

Metallic Mercury 1% pet  - *Used in Silver Fillings - Amalgam etc ... #4 Allergen (See Thimerosal) - See e-medicine Toxicity Article - Sadly thimerosal in vaccines are also a major contributor too. Article 2 - Dental Info in Video4 - Video1, Video2, Video3  -  Video1  (cover-up) - Video2 - Note

Amalgam with mercury 5% pet (contains mercury 2.5%, silver 1.73%, copper 0.3%, tin 0.44%, and zinc 0.03%) - #4 Allergen - Study - Article

Fragrance mix 8% pet  *Used in dental cements etc..#6 Allergen - See Article - Compare with Balsam of Peru Allergy (Allergen #3) SFC

Palladium chloride 1% pet - Used in Metal Restorations - See Article

Copper sulfate 2% pet - *Used in Dental Cements and Metal Restorations etc... See Article - NY TIMES Article on Full-Body Failure

Methacrylates: 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate 2% pet  *(Dental Cements - Root Canals etc). - See article - MSNBC Article (Asthma Cause?)

2,2-bis (2-Hydroxy-3-methacryloxy-propoxyl)-phenylpropane (BIS-GMA) 2% pet

Menthol 1% pet  - Used in Dental products, mouthwashes etc - See Balsam Peru Allergy #3 - SFC

Eugenol 1% pet  *(Used in Dentistry - Fillings/Root Canals) - See Balsam Peru Allergy #3 - See articleStory -Also see: Cloves Side Effects SFC

Cinnamic aldehyde 1% pet  - Used in Dentistry - Toothpaste etc. - See Balsam Peru Allergy #3 - Also see: Cloves Side Effects and Warnings SFC

Propolis 10% pet  - Used in Dentistry - sealants - See Article

Colophony 20% pet  - used in Dentistry SFC

Benzalkonium chloride 0.1% pet - used in Dentistry

Benzocaine 5% pet - *Used for Pain Relief in Dental Anesthetics etc.

Formaldehyde -  Used in Root Canal disinfectants -  See Article  It is considered a human carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency : See this articleChemical Names

FUNGUS/MOLD - See this article about Dental Materials enabling fungal growth and mycetoma formation. These materials occur in the pastes used for root filling and contain oxides of zinc, titanium and lead, salts of calcium, barium, sulfur, titanium, zinc and bismuth, and also some organic substances.

*  Side notes about where used.  Those without an '*' may be used in other dental materials/procedures too.   SFC is Scent/Fragrance Cross reactivity.

*  Compare with the dental materials you have in your mouth using the Dental Material Safety Data Sheets from your Dentist.

*  How many of the top allergens have been placed in your mouth by dental procedures?  How much of each allergen?  Hmm... Might want to keep track.

* When will Dentists provide the Material Safety Data Sheets of the Dental Materials that they use to their patients?

*When will the Health Industry - (Doctors, Dermatologists, Allergists, Toxicologists, Dieticians, and Nutritionists) work with Dentists to help the patient? (see story)


See also what type of toxic response is given for the dental material that is being placed in the mouth (See MSDS SHEETS)..  Eg. See - the new glass ionemer cement toxicity - Article 1 - Review  your Dental Material Safety Data Sheets from your dentists to see if they contain the toxins used in SMOKING.  Where are the Toxins stored?  See this complete article. 

Dental Material Toxic History.  See if the materials contain these Endocrine Disrupters